The South was Good Enough

Three black women stare in southern/tropical environment

Throughout Hurston’s literature, the segregated South contains intricate complexities of relationship, love, sustainability, and its own form of “progression” that often remains overlooked.

Beyond Slavery and the Civil Rights Movement: Freedom Schools and Transformative Education

Freedom School Harambee

Within public education contexts, students seldom learn anything in African American history beyond slavery and the Civil Rights Movement. Today’s high-stakes testing environments – as demonstrated by federal initiatives like No Child Left Behind and Common Core – have supplanted critical learning with rote memorization and testing. Many educators fear that students today are being groomed to become work-force laborers, not critical thinkers.

Politics and School Charters: Systems of Privilege within U.S. Public Education

Black boy does school work

In essence, a student’s educational success is left to the determination of a lottery or bid. If your randomized “bingo” number isn’t called – you are not admitted into the school. With the growing numbers of charters each year, it is time for research to unpack the future implications of these privatized school models.